Requested gamemodes for rotating gamemode queue; True Random and AllStar

True Random; * five random skills on spawn [including passive] * one "reroll" point to change one skill, selected like victor's upgrades (or in lobby) * random champion, for stat purposes. * certain skills unobtainable (syndra's passive for example) in order to prevent "dummy" slots All Star; * You choose which champion you start as * On death, you become a random new champion with all your items refunded for 100% of their cost (gold income items would be cheaper) * Skill points are refunded on death * (Optional) instead of random, your team picks a queue of champions at the start, and on death you become the next champion in the queue, after the queue is exhausted it can either restart or just give out random champs, or even end the game True Random All Star (This one is a pipe dream); * Random champion base for stat purposes * 5 random skills selected on spawn with 1 reroll point * Full item/skill point refund on death * Champ and skills are randomized on death * Gain 1 reroll point on death There could be more details added and some removed but I'd like to hear thoughts and opinions.

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