Riot : "Aatrox is too unhealthy we have to keep nerfing him after we buff him"

Also riot : but vlad is ok and it's ok if he has an ability that makes him untargable + deal damage and can combo it with zhonyas and both zhonyas and pool combo well with his abilities and passive. i dont get it. a champion with ranged and can heal 1k+ easily is beyond broken for the longest time, free elo, yet it isnt an issue. i mean it doesnt honestly surprise me, they are the skin balance team for a reason, and gotta keep lcs flashy with all the "risky" plays and high damage (chinese pc cafes) I remember when Vlad was the terrible early, ok mid, and good late game TEAM FIGHT ONLY champion. .But now he just demonlishes ur ass 1v1 because CDR is broken and vlad is broken. "apply grrevious woundS" good idea, I can totally apply it as soon as he comes out of pool/zhonyas before he heals a juicy 1k+ . good idea.
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