What reworked wukong will be missing

So wukong is no longer going to be the champ that will W stealth in and 100-0 within a few frames. He will Now stealth in and have the possibility of killing you with spell and AA weaving but within a fair amount of frames. Only if done perfectly by using AA resets inbetween, will it be within a decent amount of frames. But, This all means counter play against him will be far easier to achieve. A lot of people are complaining about the damage aspects of the reworked wukong, and that lack of damage comes from the fact that his numbers have been toned down, and a decent amount of his damage potential has been tranfered to his passives. W clone damage and Q aa resets and the stacking 4%-20% damage increase passive. So what can be done about this? ADD on to his 'trickster' playstyle and make his damage output more consistent by ALLOWING HIS W CLONE TO DASH WITH HIM TO THE E TARGET IT will perfectly round up the changes that have already been posted and allow him to fully embody the trickster playstyle, and it will just feel more pleasing to be able to drag ur w clone with u for like 2-3 casts(possibly more with spear of shojin) at max cdr. Instead of having enemies walk away from your clone or not being able to finish someone of after stealthing in. With the fact that he gets the e attack speed buff and can cast the empowered q for you. it just wouldn't make sense to allow his w clone to become useless and left behind. Even before yall added the changes to allow him w clone to gain the attack speed/ empowered q. IT didn't make sense that the clone couldn't be dragged along. Riot wanted to experiment with the 'trickster' playstyle with wukong and this change will allow him to fully embody it. Trust me I would much rather have yall implement this change and then tweak the numbers afterwards than vice versa

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