Why not update Supports Riot??

I feel as if If any more updates should come supports should be acknowledged just as much. I mean they have very few items that are used on only supports and I feel should be more support items in general. And the support role needs to be more fun and dynamic so there are more people who want to play support. There are some who either don't fit supports entirely or move to a laner instead (Lulu being a prime example) and even then there are very few fun supports or supports that could be considered above others. Literally I've seen that if the new champs aren't support, its either {{champion:53}} or {{champion:16}} that are the prime targets, very few others aside from maybe {{champion:412}}. If possible Riot I'd appreciate some kind of response on why supports aren't being considered for the next update and instead you are thinking assassins. Some explanation would be appreciated.
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