Suggestions to Riot on TRUE Mage Junglers

So I heard Riot was looking to enhance certain mages for the jungle. In terms of TRUE ("true" meaning not assassin, fighter, or some weird mage hybrid) mages that can jungle, I personally believe {{champion:1}}, {{champion:43}}, and {{champion:25}} could be suited to the jungle with certain changes. **_Keep in mind, this is mostly theory._** {{champion:1}} can probably clear the jungle already (slowly?), as well as have good ganks (with the obvious counterplay being her short range). It's not optimal, but she has potential to be a mage jungler. In terms of possible changes to make her better suited for the jungle, I believe something could be done with her E for the jungle, to make it easier to clear. {{champion:43}}'s W buff a long time ago made it easier for her to clear the jungle (I remember attempting it when it first was a "thing"), but she's probably really slow at clearing early. Her ganks are quite good in theory, but have counterplay (missing a Q probably sucks). Her Q isn't that spammy at level 1, though it's good for kiting camps. If Riot's looking to make a better mage jungler out of Karma, they'd have to change her Q to be more spammy/have less base damage (which might have consequences for mid Karma, so that might not be the way to go)? {{champion:25}} is probably the best true mage jungler in theory. Her Q is an almost guaranteed follow-up if she lands it (and it has counterplay because of the slow speed). She has sustain in passive, and her W is quite a good AoE, especially considering junglers have access to Runic Echoes (which has the secondary effect of making it easier for her to position Qs). The problem I can see in making Morgana a mage jungler is that her base cooldowns are incredibly high, and she's not going to use her E for jungling at all. You'd have to max W specifically for jungling. All in all, this is theory-based, but I wrote this because I'm interested to see if Riot's actually considering making mage junglers an archetype.

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