Please Riiot please.... Ekko needs some buffs

Riot. Riot... Please... Buff.. {{champion:245}} . His laning phase is SOOOOOOO hard to get by due to constant poke and harass by mages, and his lack of damage.. not to mention that you CANNOT go doran's ring on ekko and you have to go corrupting pot due to his mana issues. He misses a lot of farm because he simply CANNOT walk up to cs, rather he has to farm with Q. He has no poke.. he can't poke down a laner before going for an all in. Maybe his Q would be considered poke but his Q does NO damage and is soley meant for proccing his passive. Even though he can trade with his EQ combo, where is the compensation like a shield or an invulnerability for diving in head first in order to get any sort of damage on the enemy laner. No one in their right state of mind is going to pop Ekko's W everytime when engaging in a trade, you will simply run out of mana and be forced out of lane. Please riot I haven't seen an Ekko buff in AGES. Why not give him the zed treatment, make his early game stronger and then everything will be the same as before as the game progresses. I don't think I am asking for much by asking for riot to strengthen Ekko's early game. The least I would advocate for is just a little more damage across his abilities at early ranks so he doesn't wind up losing every single trade. Yes his late game is insane but it's really hard to get to that point is all i'm saying. I will not stop making Ekko threads until we see some changes. Oh yeah and those of you who are like "omg Ekko poggers, 1v9 champ, absolutely busted, rito plz nerf" try playing him... for a while... then tell me your experience :)
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