I think the balance team just doesn't really play the game.

At this point, after the amount I've read, played, watched, and waited, I don't think there's any conceivable conclusion to the atrocious current balance state. This is easy to fix. If someone on the balance team sees this, please consider it. I'm not trying to be cruel (I apologize if I come off that way). If some Rioter could drop in ang give some info on the state of the balance team's playing schedule that would be fantastic, if I'm wrong so be it. But if this isn't the reason I think League is going to be in trouble for a long, long time. {{champion:114}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:41}} and others like them are still unbelievably toxic, and it doesn't take too many games to realize that. {{champion:5}} is absurd and {{champion:238}} doesn't have much risk involved for an assassin of his caliber. Champions like {{champion:113}} and {{champion:14}} have almost been straight up abandoned. Marksmen are everywhere just because armor itemization is garbage now and ad itemization is amazing. It feels like you could drag a group of 8 or so people who play a mere single game a day with no data or statistics and they'd do much better at getting the game in a healthy state. I miss the days of being able to see {{champion:32}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:48}} or {{champion:62}} in the jungle and not having inherent disadvantages other than those that were created when comparing team compositions and counterplay options for the enemy team. Towers feel like garbage. Getting 2-3 inhibitors destroyed might as well be a death sentence unless you have an enemy inhib down yourself. It feels like individual classes reach their mid/late game status sooner than others. The game just in general feels less fun, and I'm sure something would've been done about it by now if the balance team actually noticed it.
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