SEROIUSLY??? You're gutting celerty becuase ADC's are taking it??

Daniel Leaver (Riot Rovient) on Twitter
@Spideraxe30 writing a boards post right now. Celerity has a new version on PBE today. Move speed bonuses are 10% more effective on you. We want to remove a straight up stat increase from the rune (potentially going into stat shards instead). This may free up ADC choices.
ARE U SERIOUS? really? so becuase u made a new broken item of {{item:3095}} that gives ADC extra moment speed and abuse it your removing the ONLY effective rune in the sorcery tree? do u honestly expect us AP champs to take "absolute focus" or "transcendence"? AP champs dont take celerity becuase its "OP" we take it becuase, WE DONT HAVE A FUCKING CHOICE because the OTHER options are WORTHLESS meanwhile AD not only get 4 keystones in precision and domniation EVERY SINGLE ROW has MEANINGFUL choices. as to why am i personally invested in this. becuase at lvl 1... on my first clear. nidalee gets _10 AP_ from celerity. ( her passive gives 30% movement speed toward hunted targets which camps are if she marks them)TEN.. thats is 30 ap.. up from 20 thats PRETTY FUCKING HUGE DIFFERENCE ON YOUR FIRST CLEAR, and its also why celerity is the most important rune for nidalee because without it... _she cant clear the jungle._ this rune what allowed her to actually _clear_ the jungle, when runes reforged went live.. when in season 7 after she was gutted, her win-rate dropped to 38% before slowing going back to 44% with minor buffs., celerity is what made her clear viable again, it wasnt the movement speed, its was the 10ap on her first clear, that raised her the +5% back into viability i am personally invested in this change my main not going to be able to clear the jungle early on. which is already her weakest point and even champions like {{champion:19}} can clear faster than her on her first clear. (WW is my other jungler.. i have timed my routes) this coupled with the fact that, she ALREADY cant really contest scuttle at lvl 2, and will now be even LOWER in hp becuase of extra time its going to take per mob this will lower nids winrate by 2-5% and yes its an "indriect nerf" but keep in mind the 6.22 "indirect nerf" which removed strength of the ages and gutted {{item:3116}} took off 10%.. YES TEN PERCENT off her winrate. this CHANGE IS HIGHLY PREDICTABLE.. AND WILL ABSOLUTELY GUT NIDALEE if it goes live
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