What the actual fuck riot?

Lets see where to start, Mages are useless unless played in the jg or supp, If you have more crit based champs on the other team you lose, straight up, Positioning no longer matters, Micro decisions no longer matter, its a constant brawl and mid lane is a fucking joke now. Tank meta was 100x better than this fucking shit because literally everything gets one shot, tanks get 3 shot. The adc buffs are useless when yasuo can literally 1v5 your entire team in 7 autos. WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE OF CRIT. ffs riot get your shit together, this game or "meta-shift" as you like to call it wasnt about balancing the game because everything is literally faceroll right now. anyone else have this shit issue? EDIT: And oh boy how did i forget that games are decided in the first 7 minutes making late game champs completely worthless 8/10 times when picked. And lets not forget that the enemy team when ahead now gets even stronger minions as if comebacks werent hard enough already unless played properly, now there is no chance to turn a game around if your team is down by more than like 3k gold. I know things are always shakey in preseason but this is a catastrophe. And these paper thin towers are a joke and make it almost impossible to back when playing against someone who has sustain in lane..
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