its too easy to demote tier and get your mmr fucked

So, for the most part of the season, i was hardstuck silver 3-4. Though, i finally got better at the game and winstreaked like crazy to gold and then, of course, after winning too much, the system tried to force me to lose for an even time by giving me hardly even carriable teammates, even harder to carry when i had warning(cause carry testing i guess?), yeah so, this managed to trash my mmr good cause i lost too much at 0 lp and i started winning +12 +13 and losing -20 -21(this position is too fucking important for no reason) so yeah i still managed to recover some approximate 50% wr for a good time when i had demotion warning but yeah at one point i lost one more in a row and i demoted to silver, i came back being really stressed (cause +13 lp gains) to gold in no time (won 2 lost 1 won 1) and then i lost 2 in a row, next game i won and won fucking +12 lp! i managed the 50% wr for a good time again but i lost one too much and demoted again (legit still had 50% wr over last 10 games) and then same thing won 2 lost 1 won 1 and back to gold (feels rigged?) and now i won 2 in a row before losing 2 for +13 +13 -20 -6, so i'm back at 0 lp and i know i will have trash mmr for rest of season now like fuck you riot i can't try hard for plat this season if your rigged system force me back in silver like this!
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