How long does it take to regain your Honor level?

So basically I was hit with a 14 day ban or suspension as you will which meant that my honor level was reset to 0 and then locked until I proved worthy again now I'm not a toxic player or have intentional fed in games but I was given the 14 day ban through a misunderstanding but I tried to see if I could resolve the issue with Riot and get unbanned however I could not come to an agree so I just accepted the ban and waited for it to be over and when that time came I had unlocked my Honor level within the first weeks but then time past and I was wondering why I had not gone up in Honor when I get consist Honors throughout most of my games and am not toxic to any players I am put with or against and I am still Honor Level 0 after almost 2 months of being unbanned. I have looked on other boards posts similar to this and some of them have got the same response from Riot but I would prefer to known whether or not I am close to moving up in Honor or not as it feels like I should be back at Honor 2 or 3 by now. Update: I have now hit Honor level 1 after so long now it's time I get back my Honor Level 5.
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