Infinity edge and the proposed changes

I am going to preface this by saying one thing, I am NOT AN ADC PLAYER, however, 5000 gold for an item...? Are you sure about that? I play a lot of Triforce champions and 3733 feels super expensive, and if you play the fight well and are even levels most of the time you can win against other champs with 1 1/2 to 2 items. Introducing these 'super' items i dont think is a good way to send the game. I would actually like to see a triforce nerf/cheapen in order to rein in not only scaling of brusiers but also allow them to have a better early spike. The way i see bruisers currently is that once they get full build, because their build is so much more expensive, ER Tri Steraks are all expensive items. a bruiser ends up with almost 3k more gold value in their full build compared to a tank or a marksman, and it doesnt seem fun to play or play agianst. I dont like this personall and i dont like riot doing it do other classes.

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