Actual ADC Solutions?

So I've been reading a lot how people think ADC's do too much damage. Some people say crit needs to be removed, some say items need to cost more, some say make them less damage and more utility. My thoughts have always been that ADC are allowed to become like holy cow wtf damage Gods at 3-4 items because they are sitting ducks during lane phase and have such low individual agency pretty much throughout the game. I thought this was a fair trade off, but apparently a lot of people disagree. So I'm wondering if anyone has any well thought out solutions that don't completely wreck the idea of a marksman carry. Here are my questions: 1) If Crit items become more expensive, is there really a sweet spot where can slow them down a touch without delaying the build so much that it becomes too risky to play a crit stacking adc as you will have a bear of a time making it through early game? Or are we just ok with crit adc's becoming a niche pick that you'd only ever do with a composition specifically designed for it? 2) If we remove crit or lower crit damage, how do we prevent the role from being monopolized by utility or poke/caster marksmen? At that point aren't marksmen basically just the same as mages but they can also kill objectives well? 3) What is the issue people have with raw damage battery adcs? This similar to #2 but I'm just thinking that if we take out auto attacking crit monster adc from the equation, aren't we kind of homogenizing roles? Wouldn't people consider lower diversity between roles a unhealthy shift? 4) What are the thoughts on re-implementing kill lanes bot? If you just nerf the relic shield & lifesteal thing I think casters like Jhin and MF will be as good as the auto attackers again overall. So then all that's missing is getting Lucian and Corki back into the bottom lane. If we give them back legit kill pressure in lane (I know technically they do, but not strong enough outvalue what other ADC bring to the table), do we think we can maybe see a world where literally every kind of ADC is really really playable? This could also be a good way to keep the crit monsters down if you could go like Leo or Naut with Lucian and kill em twice in lane phase straight 2v2 style.
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