To Anyone Asking for Akali to be reverted:

Its not gonna happen. You wanted her reworked in the first place, it happened. Now its up to you guys to work with Riot to fix the issues. We Aatrox mains had to do the same thing, so it isn't case specific issues, and more like general issues that require tuning, which makes sense. The changes that are on twitter may be dumbing her down a bit, but you know what was very dumbed down? Old Akali. They are making her feel like Old Akali, but at the same time keeping it fresh. If the Aatrox changes that took time landed well, then you can pretty much figure when the final changes for this Akali mini rework roll around she'll be in a better place. You can probably bet Kayle will be next for changes like this since her kit is very all over the place in terms of power that doesn't resemble old Kayle in a way.
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