there is something about fighting against vayne as a melee that i cant seem to understand

knowing i cant get near this pile of shit invisible cockroach because the entire map is covered by walls that i can be condemned into. knowing that this pile of shit has a half hp shield because of FUCKING overCANCEROUS heal and KNOWING she does 1/4th of my hp with a crit tumble if im not a full tank champion. knowing that i cant get near this champ whaTSOEVER because she has any sort of team that peels for her. knowing that i have to depend on my team to MAYBE get her if she comes out of invis and walks into some sort of cc or runs into us. <removed by moderation> ive waited until preseason for bruisers to be useful. preseason ends in like 2 weeks and still no mention of bruiser buffs. nothing. <removed by moderation> bot lane hasnt been touched. top lane hasnt been touched.

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