Do you guys want a balanced game or a creative one?

Would you rather the game have the potential to be balanced or be able to do whatever you want in an imbalanced game? I ask this because this is the core issue to a lot of league's balancing issues. They want you to be able to do X Y Z all at the same time so neither X Y OR Z are balanced on their own. Here is an example of a game that would be more balanced or have the potential for balance but less creative: * Certain items are class restricted (think about how steraks is now melee only and how good that was!) * Champion lane restrictions (Viktor top? Yasuo ADC? Twitch/Kaisa JG? NO MORE! #HowDoYouBalanceAGameForThat) * Different runes for each champion type (Mages have their own runes, adcs theirs, etc) These are just a few examples. Common balance issues in this game are caused because champions abuse tools that were never meant for them and cause disruptive gameplay. If riot had more control over how champions, items and runes were used they would no doubt be able to balance the game in a healthier position because the number of scenarios to balance for is cut drastically. Instead of having to balance X champion for top, mid, adc and JG if you only have to balance them for 1 the odds they will be more balanced in that position are pretty good. This is true for items too. Riot has to balance tank items, assassin items, fighter items and ADC items knowing that any other class can take those items which often leads to unexpected imbalanced champions. They then nerf these items but then the original class intended to use those items get's fucked.
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