How do you prevent a lane from pushing out?

Laning against a {{champion:80}} , or {{champion:150}} or whatever other obnoxious lane bully. They push the minion wave into my tower and as I pick up a scant few last hits, my minions walk out of my turret, into the freeze area, and I'm stuck standing around unable to take an opposing minion without losing 60% of my health because the turret isn't above me to farm safely. As the next wave comes in, mine catches up first, and the wave starts pushing out, to the enemy's tower, where they procede to freeze it while threatening me with immediate death if I dare try to move out to get that precious EXP. What are you supposed to do in this scenerio? Breaking the freeze will result in my character dying, and my team badmouthing me for "being pushed up" when I didn't even push the wave for a single second. If I wait around under my tower, I end up two or three or four or five levels behind while the enemy laner and jungler get free reign to pick up gold and exp from the minion waves. Playing {{champion:78}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:54}} for what it's worth.
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