How the fuck is mordekaiser allowed to be on live???

What the actual fucking fuck fuck fuck shit fuck ass is mordekaiser a thing. It is completely broken on every level. He isolates for 7 fucking seconds and silently murders you. This is coming from a mid plat player right now and ive been consistently hitting plat 1 in the past season. I know when a champion is beyond broken. His ult is horribly unbalance, it is so broken it makes me wanna go afk when someone dont ban him. He can isolate the adc or mid for 7 fucking second. SEVEN FUCKING SECOND U MORONIC PIECE OF GARBAGE DEV. THAT MEANS 1 OF OUR CARRY IS OUT OF THE FIGHT SO OUR DAMAGE OUTPUT IS TREMENDOUSLY REDUCED. THERE IS NO COUNTER PLAY UNLESS OUR CARRY KILLS HIM.

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