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Intro to Midseason 2017
Recent News: Designing the God Fist / Client Beta Update #3 / Gameplay Thoughts, 4/14 / Ask Riot] With Midseason 2017 headed our way in the next PBE cycle, has posted up a large overview of the upcoming changes - Rift Herald, Tank Updates, Sejuan, Maokai, Zac, itemization, and more!
>We’re also adding new end-of-game stats for how long you CCed your enemies, how effective your warding and counter-warding was, and how much damage you mitigated via shields and resistances. We’ll continue our expansion of end-of-game stats throughout the season, hitting stuff like deaths prevented, healing done to allies, and damage mitigated on allies. Players (including me) have been asking for this for so long. Thank you Riot.
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