@RiotScruffy / RiotRepertoir - can we get some reassurance that Morde will still be looked at...

After the the Juggernaut Patch goes live? Now I don't want to bash on CertainlyT or anything like that, but I was wondering if we might get some reassurance that Mordekaiser will still be looked after when his rework goes live, preferably by multiple Rioters assuming the rework starts going poorly? I respect CertainlyT's position as a game designer and feel that the hate that goes at him tends to get excessive, but I'm still worried about the plans he has for the Mordekaiser rework, as he is playing with a _very_ risky rework that will either make or break Mordekaiser, with most people leaning towards the latter train of thought. His rework is already killing solo-lane Mordekaiser, and if Mordekaiser doesn't do well in the bot-lane then he'll effectively be "dead", having no where to go where he can be mildly effective compared to almost any other Champion. I just don't want to see that happen to a Champion, and with the responses made by CertainlyT along with the usual community pessimism it's looking like that may be the case come his release. So I was just hoping that one of you (if you're willing to answer) might be able to talk with CertainlyT and the rest of the balance team or something to see if you can get more guys working on Mordekaiser if his overall play/winrate starts to severely drop after his rework, maybe try to address the popular concerns of Mordekaiser players and re-introduce him to solo-laning rather than "forced" to bot or something along those lines?
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