Ashe suffers a lot of damage, burst and mobility for her utility

Yet Jhin, barring his reload mechanic which due to how his passive works is often advantageous, and if anything makes kiting easier as he is the only ADC who never orbwalks. Jhin does not suffer enough for his utility. Ashe's DPS takes 1AA or Volley to get her passive on them, 4AAs to get her Q dps, her E is purely utility no damage, she has 0 mobility. "But permaslow!" Jhin has slows and a root plus movement speed. "Jhin cannot shred tanks!" And Ashe 'cannot' blow up squishies either. Actually both can do both they just specialize differently. It is harder for Ashe to fight squishies and harder for Jhin to fight tanks. Jhin is so strong in nearly every meta since release. He doesn't suffer enough for the utility he gets. So unless we are planning on giving Ashe a dash and Sivir a range increase. I really feel Jhin should take a bigger hit for the utility he offers his team and himself. Win Rate 13th (47.14%) Pick Rate 9th (8.21%) Win Rate 4th (51.83%) Pick Rate 1st (54.57%) EDIT: Come to think of it, Jhin offers more utility than most mages. He is pretty much a bloated AD mage who's damage is from right clicks.
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