I'd rather go against an S tier champ every game over yasuo once in a while

Like I know this is beating a dead horse but I am so tired of banning him. Even more tired when an ally hovers him, doesn't get him and now we have to play against one. And oh? The ally who is now against them, doesn't make him 0/7? Well guess what now he's gonna make all of you suffer with his very intensive, interactive and fun gameplay! I'm tired of riot not addressing champions that are "fun to play" and "antifun to play against" I know you can't make every champ fun and fair to play against with every single person, but i'd say roughly a quarter if not more who's gone against a competent yasuo finds dealing with him is unfair. Tired of the bullshit conqueror offers him. (gee true damage on top of more true damage, how fun :)) Tired of windwall, id forgive it as it has such a long cd if he didn't just dash at you every 0.2 seconds in your own minions. (Get fucked mages/immobile champs in general) And honestly all of this I would find BEARABLE. if the champ didn't get to rush an offensive item that literally deletes ap users out of the game while healing him {{item:3091}} Could you imagine a yasuo going wits, mercs , hex with null orb secondary? You'd get destroyed and you'd deal negative damage. I'm just tired of these bruiser builds for him that make squishy skirmishers into tough bruisers that you cant kill but they can burst you. See: Irelia. If you want him to be a bruiser, I don't want to see him mid ever again. Bruisers don't belong mid! Karma with ibg doesn't need to exist! Klepto on ranged should be halved like every other melee/ranged counterpart! Thank u for coming to my rant. Feel free to discuss or mass downvote.
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