Matchmaking is atrocious

I want to know what Riot is thinking with this game. Why is it that I'm the one getting punished for calling out my team for trolling when they are actively trying to lose the game? Also, why is it that at least 1 out of every 3 games there's someone who is trying to lose the game/gave up 2 minutes in/actively feeding? Why doesn't Riot give a shit about those troll players, but just the players who say bad words in the chat? Probably because if they actually punished toxic behavior instead of toxic chat, this game would have far less players and they would make less money. At the end of the day Riot is a business, not a game company. They don't give a shit about their players, instead just want as many monkeys playing as they can get because they know those monkeys are going to buy skins. My solution? Some sort of IQ test for ranked. If you're too stupid to know the basics of the game, you get paired with others who are just as stupid. I'm so tired of having a 0/7 support 5 minutes into a game. Or a jungler who doesn't gank for the whole 15 minutes before we surrender, because the enemy jungler has been everywhere and has won every lane. Or ever worse, when people throw games just to spite you because you called them out on a bad play, and then when you open a ticket Riot tells you that your behavior is the problem, not them. This game is on its way to the graveyard if they don't do something about these types of players soon.
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