Seriously though, junglers should not be punished for not ganking or getting immediate kills at the start of the game. In this meta if you don't cheese, gank at lvl 2 or immediately after a red side lvl 3 clear, and if you don't get a scuttle crab in the 3 or 4 man 4 minute in teamfight which usually results in a 1v4 because one of the teams ignore their junglers attempts on it, the game is an instant loss for one side because their jungler didn't get a single scuttle and the other jungler got both. Playing a lane? Prepare ur buttcheeks for that lvl 2 gank that makes you lose the game by 2 minutes in! FUN GAME Playing a jungler that farms? Prepare your butt cheeks for the cheese that follows after the lvl 2 gank because after 4 camps you are the same level as the red buff clear enemy jungler FUN GAME.
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