Good and bad examples of mobility in the game.

[]( #Escape Good example: {{champion:60}} Must have an enemy to target away from her attackers or she's literally setting herself up for death. Also loses tempo and potential engage, punished with a long CD. Bad Example: {{champion:92}} Uses her E to dash away and get a shield, essentially covering her for using the move in a cowardly fashion when she is supposed to be an all-in champion. #Engage Good example: {{champion:14}} Telegraphed but powerful, must plan out and time engage with his ultimate well for maximum results. Bad Example: {{champion:54}} Exclusive access to back line and no interactive way to stop or avoid it. Basically, press R for a huge advantage in fights. #Evasion Good example: {{champion:58}} Can use his dash to avoid a skillshot, but loses a potential engage and part of his damage rotation, as well as his second dash. Bad Example: {{champion:245}} Just dodged your skillshot, and gets a targeted burst attack and a potential kill after effortlessly dashing out of your ability. Yay. #Making picks Good example: {{champion:98}} Take a risk by jumping at an enemy, losing major resources if you miss and opening a huge window for enemies to counter-attack. Bad example: {{champion:57}} Press W for a free kill. #Roaming Good example: {{champion:91}} Must plan out route through the jungle and over terrain so as to not lock himself out of escape or chase potential. Bad example: {{champion:133}} Near-global presence on a 2 second cooldown. ______________________________________________________________ We need to make stronger niches for mobility.
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