So can we get back scaling / late game / slower paced meta?

So since Riot is releasing new FPS game, could we get back our late game meta full of diverse compositions and champions on each role? All the players (children) who like fast paced games where teamfights last 4 seconds, tanks are dead thus teamfights have no actual construction and only 2 adcs are viable, can now go to FPS. Like really, why don't just all those players go to play overwatch or smth fast paced instead of supporting Riot in ruining League. Those fast paced games have bad influence on players too. Surrenders rarely happened in the past but now you have surrender votes from 15 minutes until the end of the game because everyone is giving up If they lose lane. Players are simply not caring because the games are fast and they can go another in no time anyway. I cannot imagine what would today's community do in 1 hour game. Players lost attention and their attention span is about 10 or 15 minutes. Now If I put all the hate aside, I think it would be really good move to satisfy players. There are still players like me who like diverse and long games full of long teamfights, even though a lot of them stopped playing league. So players like me would get to play those games and people who like call of duty type of games can go to play FPS. You simply can't merge all genres into MOBA. I wouldn't even care so much If Riot didn't force the meta so hard but They literally said that they want to make games faster and all the changes are supporting the fast paced games. They literally gave minions higher movement speed and damage over time because god bless If the game went over 30 minutes.
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