So let me get this right..... we're trying to kill Sorcery?

Why is anyone going to primary Sorcery anymore? If you lose Ultimate hat: -Electrocute is already the go - damage rune No other damage rune ensures kills as well (Comet can compete for damage, but most of it gets recovered/sustained out. Electrocute takes part almost exclusively in kill combos) -You're buffing Cheap Shot. Why do we need Burn? -Taste of Blood sustains more than move speed bursts do. -Poro/Zombie Wards are invaluable to jungle awareness. -Eyeball Collection often scales more than Tier 3 Sorcery runes unless it's a few select champs who overcap CDR. -Relentless Hunter is arguably the strongest move speed rune in the game. It's pretty much key to playing the same game as champs like Yi, or Yasuo, etc, because it allows mages/supports to run away/reposition. -Ravenous Hunter is already core to so many spell user champs like {{champion:43}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:420}} . -Ingenious Hunter's already a desired cantrip pick for active item based tanks. The only real things about Sorcery left: Manaflow band on champs who are mana starved (there aren't many) Move speed (doesn't seem like a Sorcery strength...) Gathering Storm (limited in scope when teams play right). I'm scared what's going to happen to {{champion:43}} who is already hard to hit 50% win rates with because her kit, while 1v1 viable, usually suffers offensively. Ultimate hat put her back in the game. Now it's on Domination, which doesn't have a rune for her? Presence of Mind is not the same for Karma. I could think of others, but this is.... gonna hurt so many champs, and favor the Already popular Electrocute even more. What is riot trying to do? get everyone to vacate Sorcery so they can rework the entire tree without drama?
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