Trolling/AFK in ranked

This probably doesn't matter I doubt riot reads these threads but I am sick and tired of having people trolling in ranked games and it cost us so many LP this recent game we just had this ahari trolling, she had the word trolling in her name and she just stood at base and afked she first fed on purpose and she told us she was and then when 15 minutes came she logged back on to press no to surrender and then logged back off and then we were getting destroyed and she kept logging in and being toxic and after we lost she was harassing us and saying she loves to troll and how we couldn't do anything basically the typical BS riot needs to fix in this game I think if someone trolls it shoudnt go against the team just against the person who trolled they should get automatic locked at bronze 5 and lose all possible LP for trolling or unable to do ranked games for 7 days and then if it happens again her account gets suspended.
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