Kill gold really needs to be reworked to account for how hard the game snowballs right now

This season has made snowballing 10x worse than the previous season, due to all the gold that has been added to the game, via bounties and turret plating. Both of these mechanics primarily benefit the team that is already winning and rarely actually facilitate comebacks, unless the game is already close. Close games virtually never happen. 80% of my games have a clear winner by 15 minutes, with some champion having a 10+ kill lead, and usually also another 800 gold from turret plating. Even if they manage to die with a 1000 gold bounty, they still have such an insane lead over everyone else that the extra gold for the losing team doesn't really matter. Ranked games should not be coinflips on which team has the biggest feeder. Even if one lane is counter-picked or just playing badly, the rest of the lanes **should** have a chance to influence the game, and not just be overpowered by a ridiculously fed champion whose numbers are too big to outplay. Reducing kill gold to prevent the fed champion from getting so far ahead that they just win the game via brute force would help fix this. Another possibility would be to change how kill gold is calculated and split amongst participants, so who gets the killing blow is less important.
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