Kindred is the only one who needs a buff

Before I go just like to say as it stands right now {{champion:203}} seems to be the only balanced character in the game, the other that I can think of WAS {{champion:432}} . AND SHE NEEDS A BUFF, what does that say about the balance of everyone. Probably due to the fact that doesn't have that much dmg, no CC, and has been nerfed apparently. Even though at no point was she even op or broken, although she does have that potential with enough hunts. BUT no one will ever reach that as it's easy to deny. A buff or rework on her abilities is a must I suggest: Stats - Her basic attack range should be 550 or 600 - Movement Speed should be 350 I believe her speed is 333 with is way too long for a huntress as a bruiser like {{champion:23}} is faster by 12 speed? Passive - All monsters should be marked not just river and enemy jungle - Marking baron should start at around 10+ hunts not 6 - Actually randomize marks, rather not say why this needs to be done, but its obvious if you notice it Q - Increase hit range probably to match her basic attack range or half of it (optional - does not scale with passive increased range so it would only match her starting attack range) - Increase distance travel of vault by 25% up to 50% - Kindred should still be able to basic attack while vaulting W - Give True Vision within AOE even in bush / Or True Vision can only activate when in AOE and enemy is under 50% HP - Prioritize weakest and nearest enemy champion - Wolf should travel to targets faster/instantly and doesn't need to return to middle unless there are no enemies in range. Meaning if an enemy goes into AOE as the wolf is heading towards center it will turn around to attack instead of going to center. E - Ability should also act as a basic attack instead of just marking, optional - doesn't count towards the bonus dmg. It just happens to attack while it marks. R - Increase the HP threshold for you and allies by 50%. So while enemies stop at 10% hp you and allies would stop at 20% - Enemies do not heal (optional) - Reduce AOE by 30% As a Death or Aspect of Death and huntress, she doesn't fit her roles as she doesn't have any CC which is unbecoming of a huntress and deals significantly less dmg than others. Whatever dmg you think she might deal, others do it better, just to name a few: {{champion:5}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} etc. Listed multiple jungles and champs with range to show why her range needs to be higher and needing a buff. Notice how in my suggestion I didn't add any increased dmg, CC, or escapes even though she needs it. I feel like making fixes to her abilities to where it should be should make her the first balanced champ in LOL. Adding dmg or changing her abilities too much might actually put her in a state of being op/broken, a state she's never been just FYI.
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