Here's some proof of blatant favoritism towards Jayce, compared to Varus.

Are you leaving the varus nerfs in even though edge of night got nerfed? >**Meddler:** "Yes, we think Varus needs nerfs despite the Edge of Night nerf. Initial assessment is that it hasn't hit him meaningfully, probably in part because its active is also useful against him." Is Jayce still getting nerfs? >**Meddler:** "Not yet at least. We were considering further nerfs in 7.5, but ended up pulling them until we've seen how the combination of previous nerfs and Ghostblade/Edge of Night/Black Cleaver changes impact him." #Stop pussyfooting and just fucking nerf Jayce already. He's been a top tier pick for longer than Varus has with all of these changes. The nerfs you had in store for him weren't even very significant. Jayce's early game is FAR too potent **when half of his all-in is magic damage**, even before pen builds were meta. He fell off way too hard then. That should be something you seek to change regardless of the state of itemization around him. The only difference now is that he's stronger mid-game and he doesn't fall off as hard due to lethality. Jayce needs tuning. I promise you its not just lethality. God damn. This is why people say your balancing is way too slow.
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