Riot never compensates its players for issues on their end

So with the whole disconnection issue happening again it got me thinking, why doesn't Riot compensate the playerbase for their mistakes? Even 300 BE would be enough of an apology. Every other game I play has this whole compensation strategy wherein if the game ever has severe issues with it players will receive some form of compensation as an apology for the devs' mistakes. All except Riot.....who apparently thinks that we just have to deal with this over and over and over again, with the excuse of "things go wrong all the time, deal with it". I haven't been able to have a single decent game today because most of my friends DC at the start of the game due to the bug, are unable to reconnect and make it so that the game cannot undergo a remake because the game counts them as still being "connected". Honestly, it's a joke. You've had 10 years to optimise your servers and whatnot, so it's really not excusable for bugs like these to still be happening, and for NO compensation to be made on the player's end.
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