tricks you can do with a champ that you might not know about

lets start off with some more obvious ones to people who have played a while should know that newer players still might not know {{champion:76}} her passive "hunted" gives true sight. this is very useful on champs who go invisible like {{champion:35}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:62}} (if u hit the real one first) {{champion:34}} can {{summoner:12}} away as eggnivia if you start the channel before u die and are transformed now for the lesser known ones {{champion:19}} R which rely on champion to champsion hitbox collision can hit a {{champion:11}} in alpha. (i am fairly confident {{champion:79}} can to with bodyslam but i havent tested it) {{champion:134}} can throw tibber away from {{champion:1}} and if it would lands out of range it will instantly teleports back to {{champion:1}} and counts as landing on her. and can kill her this same trick can be used against a {{champion:35}} clone or tibbers with {{champion:18}} if you prep a bomb and then ulti the unit away until it teleports back if you time the ulti and bomb explosion correctly . (unfortunately u cant pick up shako's clone so u cant do that trick with syndra like you can with tibbers) {{champion:3}} ulti can't be interpreted by any for of CC and will land cced upon arrival. EXCEPT form suppression, which CAN stop him mid ulti. i think thats enough to start with
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