What's the reasoning behind mages like Cassio/Ryze ?

Cassio hits a Q and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, you ded. I guess she's gated by mana, but when you get tear, there's almost nothing stopping her to run you down. I don't know how to actually lane against her, other than move around like an idiot to dodge Qs and just get cs and hope someone on your team can kill her. Same with Ryze... I just saw this dude clear almost 2 waves on lvl 5 with couple of EQ's. Like what ? I slow push the wave so I can back and get items, and the guy just runs the wave down like it's nothing. on lvl 5. Also gated by mana, but you get like 2.5k mana with him later on so it doesn't matter. Ryze is easier to lane against than Cassio, IMO, cuz you can breath at least some of the time in lane, but that wave clear and that EQEQEQEQ spam is annoying and I don't see how is it balanceable - if thats a word. Only way to win lane is to play someone that one shots them in half a second or what ?
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