This is litteraly the biggest hypocrisy I have seen from Riot in my whole life

Current Thoughts on Marksmen
Hi folks, We’ve just got back from the holiday break and I wanted to talk about how we see the game at present. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be putting out a longer ‘State of the Game’ post.
> **We believe that the biggest priority right now is addressing jungler dominance, with junglers able to gank more often, and more successfully, than appropriate.** Riot litteraly changed EVERYTHING in the jungle to encourage this kind of meta. Jungle camps take longer to respawn, making it less effective to farm. Jungle camps don't give buffs anymore, encouraging the use of smite to simply clear camps faster and then gank instead of keeping smite for a specific camp. Krugs and Raptors take more time and health to clear, discouraging junglers from clearing them. Buffs don't have babies anymore, making it even less rewarding to farm in the jungle. Plants are added, giving junglers a way to litteraly see wich bushes are warded in the lane they are going to gank (Blue plants) and giving them a way to reach the lane they want to gank faster by jumping wall OR giving them escape routes that would have been impossible before (blast cone). Gave towers a first blood, encouraging ganks bot lane since it's faster to take down a tower as 3 than as 2. And then Meddler comes and say that the biggest problem right now is the dominance of junglers who can gank often and well? What a surprise!!! WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED THAT :O I am litteraly raging, it's like Riot put gas all over the place before dropping a lighter in it and then saying '' Wow the place is on fire we really need to fix this''. EDIT: Forgot to mention how courage of the colossus makes it so much easier to gank
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