Riots balancing team criticism by a diamond player

Hey i played this game since season 3 while being always diamond elo, and at this point i feel like league is at its worst spot ever. By that i mean the meta/gameplay that is now is just shit. Its not fun at all because of many overtuned things. This is in my opinion the worst season ever. Even last season was better (ardent censer not being nerfed for 1 year for some reason) Anyways, i have alot of criticism against riot games balancing team so im gonna do a list right in this post stating the things that i would like to see changed as soon as possible. So heres the list -------------------------------------------------------STOPWATCH AND KLEPTOMANCY NEEDS TO BE REMOVED Stopwatch is very very unfun for the game, when everyone takes it its just so boring u cant make plays u cant engage u cant dive because they have stopwatch, this is a good example of what league looks like in high elo Its just stupid I would remove stopwatch and make a new rune, or nerf it super hard. I think most people that play league agree that stopwatch should be removed its just very boring to play against. You look at LCS and everyone has stopwatch so its 60 minute games nothing happening cuz of that. Promotes nothing but passive playstyle. Kleptomancy is one of the most stupid things riot has done, they need to remove it. Its very unhealthy for everyone, Its RNG nothing good out of it. ---------------------------------------BRUISERS DONT HAVE A KEYSTONE/BRUISERS BEING USELESS Its been 3-4 months and bruisers STILL dont have a keystone.Bruisers not having a keystone is so %%%%%%ed. For some reason riot forgot or didnt want to make a keystone for bruisers. Atm bruisers are in a horrible state the only viable bruiser in high elo atm is Camille. Bruiser as a role has the highest amount of champions but they are not really viable (Im talking about toplane now) So when the role that has the most champions cant be played toplane that is just unbalanced, the people that have only been playing bruisers many years cant really play anymore in high elo. The problem with toplane is that bruisers have not gotten anything decent going for them in a long time. Ever since bramble vest the downfall of bruisers have clearly been shown. Bruisers need some kind of buffs, either reducing the item costs/buffing stats on bruisers items or buffing bruisers as in their abilties/passive. You can also add some kind of new item for bruisers like something that builds out of giant slayer into an item that gives them a chance to kill tanks while still giving some kind of health or resistance/cdr because lord dominiks gives only attack damage its kind of a adc item only. Because atm they cant really kill tanks after they get ninja tabi bramble vest. Also another suggestion of an item for bruisers is something to deal with shields aswell as heals, so it builds out of executioners calling and then into the item it should give some kind of resistance hp/armor/mr and abit of AD, So they can deal with shield/heal supports and shield/heal toplaners. Another problem is that bruisers 3 item cost is the highest out of all roles atm, but it is really useless because most of the time it doesnt even give MR/ Armor meanwhile tanks have alot of resistances. U go tri-force-titanic-steraks. Theres no armor or mr for that build. For example maybe they need to maybe give steraks armor and health instead of just health. ----------------------------------------------------------TANK ITEMS/TANKS BEING OVERTUNED Tank items are very overtuned, if you first look at MR items they are kinda unbalanced. There is abyssal mask that really needs a nerf, it gives too much resistances and they even get damage and a passive that allows you to sustain more. Nerfing the health by 50 and reducing the MR on that item by 10 is a good change. Spirit visage´s healing increase is 30% that is way too much, i would nerf that by 5%. I would buff adaptive helm, the item is abit underwhelming atm, buff it to 25% on the passive. Stoneplate is too overpowered because it gives just too much tankyness, its 80 mr 80 armor and double ur health, so that really needs a nerf. Nerfing the base stats of the time by 5 on both mr and ar, and decreasing the passive stats by 10 on both ar mr, would make the item more balanced. Moving on to armor items, Bramble vest is a very strong item against bruisers and its just too strong. Ever since bramble vest got released bruisers have been rly bad. They need to nerf bramble vest but not remove it, so what they need to do is reducing the armor by 5 and then nerfing the passive(Thorns) It should just deal 3 damage per basic attack and not scale with armor because it gets really good later on its just too strong. Ninja tabi is still too strong, very op item. It needs to get nerfed by either 1% or 2% reduced damage on basic attacks. With the thing i did with bramble i kinda want to do to Thornmail, the damage is too high 4 basic attacks and it deals 100 damage without the bonus armor scaling on it. Reducing that to 15 would make it better. -------------------------------------------------------SUPPORT/JUNGLERS ARE TOO STRONG Riot has made supports very strong during the last years, too strong. Especially in season 8. Supports have too much impact because of many things. Now that they dont have to build sighstone they are even stronger, they can rush ardent censer now or locket for tank supports. Atm a tank support is having more impact than a tank top which is ridicoulous. They get so tanky(the tank supports) even more tanky than toplaners with locket knights vow aftershock celestial body. Last year the game was dominated by supports being too strong with ardent. For some reason riot didnt nerf ardent censer last year. The problem is tank supports are too tanky they need to nerf that, they are just too tanky. they dont die. Shield supports are too strong with aery working on heals/shields, Stacking healing items + ardent censer which is still OP. Ardent censer needs a nerf still. A tiny one. Redemption really needs a nerf, shields are too big and strong just like heals atm. Supports shouldent have one of the highest impacts on the game. They should have the lowest. back in season 1-2-3-4 supports were in a decent spot because it was balanced and better support won but now they have just too much stats too much impact on every game. The jungle problem comes down to only one thing. The gold income and the clearing. They are the fastest levlers the fastest gold farming role in the game. They get level 3 after 3 camps ganks a lane, camps that lane generally. Back in season 1-2-3-4 you couldent do that because you would be too behind. They get too much exp too much gold and the clear is too easy. the respawn times on camps are too long. They are always overleveled. You should be able to do something when you get ganked like the old days, but now u cant really turn. Scarra talked about that in the last beyond the rift video that i highly recommend you to watch They talk about leagues current state and mostly toplane being shit which it is. I really want league to continue being my fav game of all time. I´ve played it now for 5-6 years and i can say its getting worse and worse by the months. Feels like league is getting the wow treatment where its the best game ever and it turns into a shit game. Thats why im making this post its so many problems. Me ranting on and on about so many issues would take 100 pages or something. But im trying to talk about as much as i can. I can make more posts like this. But in this post im talking about the biggest problems Riots balancing team is no clue what they are doing. Im gonna try to not rant too much on this but they need to get replaced. Someone else that has knowledge about nerfing/balancing/changing the game should be there and not the current balance team. Every change is idiotic and the game is turning to shit. I never made a post like this because i never needed to but right now i need to make an impact. Moving on to some other issues, im gonna do a list to make it more simple faster. Duskblade needs a nerf for obvious reasons, everytime someone gets it, its one shot after oneshot and u cant do shit about it. Resolve tree is too strong, i would nerf grasp aftershock and the base health of the rune choice by 30, Relic shield needs a nerf supports abuse it too hard, toplaners abuse it adcs abuse it. The tanky ness and the gold value u get from it is too strong. 4.Here is some champion nerfs that really needs to get nerfed : Zoe,Vlad,Azir,Alistar,Chogath,Twitch,Tristana,Akali,Teemo,Gnar,Jayce,Heimer, Kayn,Kha, Lulu,Braum,Zac,Sejuani,Rammus Saying everything about all those champs would take too long time. But they really need nerfs. Statikk shiv needs a big nerf, its too strong on adcs. Gold costs of adc items needs to get increased, Riot needs to learn how to balance new champions/rework every new reworked champ/new champ is just broken. Refresh champion pools by buffing champs that havent been meta for a long time to make the game more fresh and healthier. Autofill needs to be removed This was my first time doing a post like this criticising Riots balance team. It was probaly not very well made as i am not that good at doing forum posts. But i wanted to let my thoughts about league out somewhere and not keep it to myself to atleast try to have an impact. All in all my biggest problems are bruisers being unplayable, supports/junglers being too strong. Riots balancing team taking months and months just to nerf one champion. They need to be quicker i think their balancing team is just shit. Kleptomancy stopwatch and overall season 8 runes was very disapointing. Let me know what u think, what u disagree/agree with and lets have a discussion
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