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Recently I have had a few friends and myself included, experience bug-splats from the League Of Legends Client as a game was starting in ranked. We would try to reconnect, but would keep bug-splatting. Our team would /remake the game and I personally received a loss of somewhere around 80 LP. I understand this system is meant to punish people who in one way or another decided they had something else to do as the game started, or decided they were going to make their team lose. How ever the flaw with it is, not everyone is trolling or just leaving the game. Some of us are losing mass amounts of LP simply because of errors inside of your game. So to fix this. Since your development team is already in the process of completely re-doing the entire League Of Legends Client. To add an additional feature. Add a detection system. One that detects errors on player accounts when a game is about to start. If it detects a bug-splat, or an error that initially started from the League Of Legends Client, make the detection system send a trigger to another system that protects the account from the /remake leaver penalty. This cannot be abused to my knowledge. It would be relatively simple to program and implement into a brand new version of the client. Testing it would be a simple matter. There is literally ZERO downside to going with this suggestion. I rather enjoy playing ranked but losing such a large amount of LP because of a client side error makes me want to avoid it. I am sure that this issue has affected many more player than just myself. You have probably had several rage threads about it somewhere here on the boards. I hope you guys at the development team see, read and implement this suggestion. I have lost large amounts of LP twice because of the /remake feature and it quite rather hurts to see 4-5 wins of LP drained from my account because of errors inside of your client. EDIT: IF you agree with this, please, upvote thread. P.S I have been signed up for the alpha client beta for a long time. I'm begging you please, I want in. Q_Q Was told to post this here after the original was deleted. from the feedback boards. Meh not going to argue it.
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