Why is wave / lane control over looked?

I see so many people that could care less about it. Everything is about damage. "Durr check my end game damage. I played so good I out damaged everyone even though we lost." Do people not care about wave management? Lane pressure? Map pressure? Is everything these days just damage output = good at this game? I play a lot of Malzahar and I LOVE to control the lane via wave management and tower pressure. I do get kills and deal damage obviously, but the lane control really opens up the map. * Their jungler usually starts trying to camp my lane which removes them from the other lanes. * The mid laner may try to roam, but it leaves their tower open for free smacks and an easy take. * It also creates frustration on my opponents because it seems like all they want to do is engage over and over, which I deny. * A lot of times I end up ahead by 20 plus CS in lane and much more later on. My problem comes when my jungler doesn't like to either help cover my lane if it's open while I'm hitting somewhere else, or if my team gets super aggro and just wants to fight over and over anywhere on the map. That or they don't watch MIA pings (which I spam) and end up feeding. Then I'm labeled as bad and dumb etc. This might belong in rant but I figured people may need to re-train themselves into understanding the game as a whole instead of looking at it like Call of Duty or Street Fighter ll.

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