Why Many Aatrox Mains are Dissatisfied with His New Rework

I'm sure that people are getting tired of hearing all of us Aatrox mains whine as they rework him into something diffrent. It happens with every rework. Many of the mains get angry how the new rework looks, and after a month or two of it dropping, the rage subsides and we move on. Though, this rage seems justified. Aatrox, lore wise and game play wise, has drastically altered. This really isn't Aatrox anymore. This rework, along with others in the past (Galio being the worst offender), is a new character being made that shares some of the same characteristics, while deleting the old character at the same time. Aatrox, before his rework, was regarded as an Auto Attack duelist/diver. The thing that separated him from other AA duelists was his W, Blood Price/Thirst, making the player have to decide if he should have Blood Price toggled on to deal more damage and fill up his blood well to reach his steroid and G.A. in a fight; or, toggle his Blood Thirst on in order to give him more sustain and surviveablilty in a fight. His Ult contributed to this fact, giving him a magical damage burst around him and increasing his attack range. His Dark Flight allowed him to gap close and his Blades of Torment offered poke and a slow to stick on to enemies easier. Now, what quite a few Aatrox players where wishing for in a rework where changes to his Q (Dark Flight) and his E (Blades of Torment). These two abilities are considered the wonkiest and worst abilities in his kit because his Q radius for his knock up is very small (ontop of it being a small hitbox to begin with) and it offered nothing other than the small amount of damage it does. His E needed changing because of the skill's slow travel speed and weird hitbox. His W and his Ult (his ult, while underwhelming and could use some buff like bonus MS, feels like it doesn't need serious alteration) What we have now is a Bruiser that primarily uses **Abilities** to trade and deal damage. The only things that has been kept is part of his Q on his third Q cast, his Blood Thirst being proced on his new passive, and his ult now has his revive. (Oh, and I guess his wonk hitboxes on his first two Q casts) This is the issue with the rework, instead of being an Auto Attacking Duelist/Diver that could sustain himself **or** deal more damage, he is now a Bruiser that relies on casting his abilities more than using AA's. He is being mostly compared to Riven as a clunkier version of her. Given how many Aatrox mains where willing to give their input on how to fix these issues on places such as the boards or /r/Aatrox mains, seeing Riot do what they did with the Galio rework, where they sprinkle in things from his old kit while.It has also been note that Riot has been quiet inside the Aatrox main's committees, possibly giving the implication that they new they didn't really rework him, just rather redo him from ground up. Very few changes could've been made, but they went with this grand scheme of a rework, for reason I can't really find or justify why so many solutions have been made by the community itself. Lore and character wise, listening to his full VO you can tell they really tried with it, and I will give credit where it is due. With Aatrox's new lore, it fits him nicely and seems to be well done. He's angry at a lot of the champions, specifically the Targonians, but has some really deep and somber lines sprinkled in, giving him more character than "edgy demon who wants to kill everything." Despite him yelling that he is a God killer and World ender, making him sound like a done to death villain, its good **in my opinion**. The issue is that its not the Aatrox we know and love (or hate). It feels like they could've done this rework without changing his model or personality. Aatrox was calm and collected. He craved war and bloodshed, but wasn't angry because Zoe existed because he never had had a reason to. They could've worked off of what they had, instead of only keeping the Darkin idea and scrapping the rest of him. In the end, Aatrox was a Diver/Duelist that relied heavily on AA's that needed fixing. He was considered to be one of the most requested characters to be reworked because of how long since he has been touched meaningfully. What ended up as a result was a complete overhaul of a new champion that shares little characteristics with Aatrox. This has angered many fans of the original Aatrox, as there will be no way to play the old character they fell in love with. This rework will attract many new fans to him, but at the same time, cause many of Aatrox's old fans to leave, being forced to find a new main or stop playing the game entirely as Aatrox gets essentially removed from the game. Such was the fate for other characters, like Galio. I mean, at least we still have his dance.
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