at what elo in ranked does skill seem to improve.

this is the first season i played ranked. i played about 1.5k norm matches at least before starting ranked. was placed in B3 and now am gold 5. here is my problem. skill disparity. at what point does it seem like skill across all players is the same. game knowledge and basics knowledge. not mechanical skill but familiarity and understanding of what to do in the game. i could go on listing things that a bronze shouldn't even do that happen here in gold but i don't get it. I mean does it happen in diamond+ elo where your laner goes 1/12 in lane or a fed shaco doing 9k damage (less than a blitzcrank). or a lux pushing for inhib turret because we destroyed her turret early and shes pushing her lane 12 minutes into the game and dies at the inhib turret as if nobody can collapose on her. how do you get out of bronze with sub 42% winrate (i've had that). I mean i had a guy that says he mains bard and his winrate with bard was 40%. and its his most played champion and it seems like he had no idea how to play bard. i mean how do you hard counter someone in lane and still lose the solo matchup back to my point is this because of DQ or was it always like this. if so then Riot has to understand that dynamic Q isn't just about premades vs solos. its about skill disparity between boosted players and someone who earned their badge. i mean last game our mid laner got ganked 3-4 times in a row and died every single time. like i expect from someone that been playing the game for 2-3 months to farm under the turret but no i will shove and get ganked over and over again. 50% death participation from one player. i had a vayne the other day for a solid 15-20 minutes she has 100% death participation.
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