So that's it, Isn't it?

League of Legends is a dead game. Riot has dwindled support and updates for this game to nothing. Until Preseason hits, we're just going to get nothing but Autochess attention other than major eSports events - And even that is focused only on a handful of teams that draw a lot of reddit hits. (TSM, C9, a handful of iconic players.) PBE is dead, patch notes are nothing but fluff, forums are nothing but TEAMFIGHT TACTICS BUG REPORT and TEAMFIGHT TACTICS GAMEPLAY etc. Where was this support for Mechs v Minions (the superior game, imo, vs Autochess) No RGMs, No interesting skins, Panth rework soon but -shrug-. No new roadmap despite having {{champion:350}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:246}} three new releases since the last one. Every champ comes out with a skin tying it to some event instead of anything relating to the champion itself - Neeko released with a Snowdown skin despite not resonating with the ice/christmas/etc. theme very well. Taliyah released with a Freljord skin despite releasing in *M A Y* because her lore/color story has her traveling there before heading back to Shurima. Sylas released with a Lunar new year theme, while the last Lunar Wraith went to {{champion:51}} - And there's no connection between the two skins whatsoever. Nor is it apparently connected to Lunar Priestess {{champion:99}} despite the champions' connections in the lore and proximity in release years. It's more like a Blood Moon skin, really. Morg and Kayle were a joke of a rework. Kayles is good, but I still don't understand why Yasuo's windwall blocks her flamewaves when it did not block her old E - And morg was not even reworked, truly, and the pointless and strange parts of her kit remained (Passive and R) instead of imagining new abilities for one of the literal first champions in the game. Morde's was a breath of fresh air, but even then reused assets between skins and released full of bugs - More than a VGU should have. What's next for League? A new champion releasing just for TFT and not Summoner's Rift?
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