"low elo hell"

so this thing called low elo hell is brought up, talked about and ridiculed all the time. is it real is it just something people use as an excuse because they cant climb ? all this is true to a certain extent. i have been playing league for 2 years now and im not great at the game. highest rank ive been is s2 and that is because of myself and also the low elo hell. i say this because 30% of the games i play in silver and below are decided by skill and team work and which team has the best. the other 70% of games are decided based on which team has the fewest or bigger trolls,inters, or afks.. im not pro im silver so i cant carry 1v9 i need a full team and im sure its the same for the rest of the ppl in silver that are actually trying. so my question is. why is there not a minimum mastery requirement for playable champions in ranked? this would increase the grind from new account to ranked ready. which would force ppl who want to play ranked to have a basic knowledge of both the champ they are playing and at least 19 other champions that they could be playing with or against thus increasing their knowledge. also with an increased grind it is less likely for someone to just have 5 accounts and rotate trolling on each one. norms is for new builds fun and if you may have to leave. afk is not a big deal it doesn't really matter there but in ranked you play for 2 weeks going up and down in lp to finally reach your promos. just to get trolled and screwed over by this elo hell at the perfect time to make you have to spend the next 2 weeks just trying to get back into promos and have it happen all over again. this is what low elo hell is and that is why its real because at the worst of times you get it and on a regular basis you have to deal with it.
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