Is this a finished game?

Idk 4th time I try to queue up for a solo duo, the first time the screen just turned black and brought me to the login menu, so I restart and I try to queue up again for a 2nd, 3rd and a 4th time "an unexpected error occured while checking the ready check" allright lets restart. And here I am with -1 lp because the first time I queued up actually should have brought me to champion select, and you think this is over? WRONG! Cause you think I had easy life on turning the game on? LUL So this looks like we are getting a new champion Probably a ghost or whoever cares about my messed up life isnt ready to see the time Ill spent on this game any longer Have you ever tried to queue up with no champion? No? Well take a look at this if you are curious You wanted a night mode for the new messed up client? Got your back
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