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Riot Games' Greg Street Answers League of Legends Questions from Twitter | WIRED
Riot Games Lead Designer Greg Street uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about League of Legends. When will teemo get deleted? Why is it taking so long to release another permanent game mode? Why are death timers so long in one for all?
@Greg Street: Hey man, in regards to the tweet you responded to from @avarcasio: "why is the entire team gets punished in rank for someone rage quitting?" With respect, I think your response might have been warranted a year ago but since Riot dumped the meta on its head this year that answer seems out of touch with reality. Riot should really take a close look at bronze, silver, and gold rage quit game trends over the last two week. I have never seen so many rage quiters in ranked games in all of my 6 seasons playing your game than I have this past week and a half and never have I felt so disincentivized to play ranked either because I am being punished for it. I have nothing but two weeks worth of game play and listening to my fellow League players to support the following statement but I suspect the meta data would support it: greater off meta games = significantly higher rage quit rates. It's one thing to encourage variety and diversity but when your other changes have skewed the game towards snowballing early equaling GG ez and shorter game times, the toxicity rises exponentially. Bot lane is a mess right now and the changes seemed needless and they have alienated and disenfranchised another swath of the champion pool. It feels like it doesn't matter if it's the idiot piloting some stupid off meta idea that doesn't work out that quits or it's their team mates that quit because buddy is feeding their face off, it feels terrible and you have fundamentally damaged ranked play IMHO at low to mid ELO right now. Season 8 feels terrible, sorry Riot. Love the game, **hate** playing ranked right now.

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