Change this "support" shit

I'm tired of seeing ap "supports" o as much damage or more than the actual fucking adc. Lux runs aftershock, brand 1 shots, zyra 1 shots, Hiemer one shots, vel one shots What is the actualy point of having a real support You either all in them an kill them both or they do it to you. Skill is who can one shit each other adc first but of course, even later the "support" can end of doing the most damage. More than our milane or theirs, more than our toplane or theirs Reduce the ap in support items, or actually, take out these braindead mages as "supports" You let tanks kill everyone you let supports kill everyone full assassins comps can win because fuck having a normal team comp damage dealers abuse aftershock Fix your shitty game, because unless it does damage it's useless and a waste of time, there is no point in trying to use some kin of brain power with all this damage in every lane, in every game The only support I like is veigar because if you want him to do dmg he needs to take cs, there a loss for the adc, and it takes time for him to stack ap, the rest of these shitty mages drool on themselves an en of doing so much damage.
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