Watching the Mage Nerfs as a Talon Main

Riot's balance team is so pathetic that this whole mess actually made me chuckle out loud. Mages are honestly the least of our worries at this point, because it's not like any lane assassins suck ass at pushing the lane. There are a trillion million reasons why we suck, but mages is not one of them. If Riot actually wants to see us in competitive, here are a few hints. 1. This is the biggest thing. Revert the entire bullshit with Lethality and give us the real Last Whisper back. If you break down the penetration we need into like 20 different items, we will never be fucking playable outside of Intermediate bots. Assassins all need snowballs to be worth anything, and snowballs always mean that we are hogging a large portion of our team's resources. And, if we have no space for any items aside from raw damage--no dps, no sustain, nothing--then there's no way for us to live up to the amount of gold being poured into us. When we have pop off games, which is the only situation where we're useful, we basically take a full item from our teammates, but then our builds can't allow us to really cash in that extra item. Against players of the same caliber, which is the only kind of players a pro will face, a pure damage build can only down one person before the assassin is also out of commission. Honestly, there's a reason why LL Stylish is always looking for builds that aren't lethality, and even Yamikaze--a Challenger Talon OTP--buys a full {{item:3074}} when he's ahead enough to not need more penetration. 2. Everything assassins do have to have counterplays via huge delays/skillshots, but Enchanter supports can all double the effective health of an ADC with a few point and click spells that are also instantaneous. Hur dur dur Talon needs to play the vision game for a year and wait out the Ezreal's E to even think about going in, but all the efforts don't mean jack shit because that Ezreal also has a Lulu. Again referring to Yamikaze, there's a reason why he bans Lulu in every single game he plays, and dodges Zilean games on his main account. These enchanter supports, they need to suck at everything else wayyyy more for how well they can protect a single target. They have to lose something major in return for counterpicking an assassin, or assassins won't be worth picking, ever. 3. {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:498}} The fact that it is a team game, and assassins will need team setup to reach past the enemy front lines, but ADCs who can peel themselves still exist. Oh, did I mention how much damage any given ADC _won't_ lose from dedicating an entire item slot to something like {{item:3143}} ? 4. {{champion:420}} Every{{champion:59}} Single{{champion:54}} Champion{{champion:516}} Who{{champion:113}} Goes{{champion:19}} Tank{{champion:254}} But{{champion:77}} Still{{champion:5}} Outdamage{{champion:106}} Us. Similar to my last point about ADCs, building tank items are nowhere near detrimental enough to one's damage. Get two of these fuckers, one in top and one in jungle, and you will not only have a very good cc heavy comp, but any normal backline will still explode in the blink of an eye! Isn't that lovely? 5. {{item:3157}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3026}} The amount of macro and micro skill required to kill someone who is equally skilled, versus the amount of skill it DOESN'T take to build an item and be three times safer...yeah, I don't think I need to say more.
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