Can we stop autofill? Its impacts are ridiculous and Idc if I have to wait longer

I mean the concept is rather simple, almost everyone who gets auto filled feeds. This definitely includes myself and it's way more pronounced in a meta like the current one where everyone is so ridiculously damage heavy and both tanks and scaling champions are atrocious. All of the "Safe" options are objectively garbage in the meta as a whole. I think at a minimum, you need to give people the option to opt out of being autofilled. I don't care if it takes me another 5-10 minutes to get into a game. I want to play the role that I want to play and not get my shit kicked in by a one trick who knows way more about the lane and match up than I do. You can't realistically expect anyone who's auto filled to be anything but a liability. Being the person put in that position isn't even fun in any capacity. I'm not even trying to offend people who get auto filled. Like I said, I know I'm not going to 1v9 the game when I get put at sup and all of my teammates are going to have to deal with the annoyance of having a garbage support. Like god damn Riot just give me and other people the option.

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