Why would a solo player want to be a part of dynamic queue?

I don't understand why any solo player would want to be apart of dynamic queue. Why would I want to participate in a game mode that gives an advantage to those who queue up as premades? Who are able to communicate more effectively, set up more organized plays, trust more, and have better team work that also punishes solo players who don't want to be a part of that. I can understand for allowing this in normals but how is this for fair ranked mode where a player's rank has predominantly depended on player's individual skill where now its about who has the most organized premade. Whats is even more aggravating is that dynamic queue also depends on solo players as well. Not because solo players make dynamic queue more fun or fair, But because we are needed as place holders/glue to fill in the gaps of premades. Why would I be excited or want to join a game mode where my most important aspect is that I allow the game to function and not my skill as an individual player? The only reason I'm even playing ranked is cause I'm so close to gold that once I reach it I'm probably going to stop until rank mode feels fair and emphasizes individual skill again.

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