Riot Balance & Design teams have cured my addiction

Honestly, I want to say thank you. I have played the game since season 1 and by end of season 2/start of season 3 I was super addicted to League. Over the years I kept telling myself I needed to cut back but kept seeing a good chunk of my free time invested in League. Honestly... around seasons 5 & 6 I figured I would just keep playing League well into the future. But. You saved me! The champion design teams disregard of how it feels to play verse a champ or what weaknesses in a kit even are anymore has made it very easy for me to hate almost every new released or reworked champ the last couple years. Top that with the balances teams complete disregard for balance and refusing to reduce the already insane amount of damage in the game but instead continue to compound it by buffing more & more champs. Well... basically I find the game unplayable. Just imagine. If the game still had tanks absorbing loads of damage while simultaneously doing generally low damage. Adcs wouldn't lose over half their health from 1 mage skill shot in mid game. Assassins actually had to know to play their champion and use their full kit to get kills and survive. And well... actually had to be even gold or ahead to kill carries rather than behind but still can instant delete them. Remember when you couldn't 3-4 man baron at 20 mins? Hell... was hard to even 5 man him at 20 mins. Or when their actually was a mid game to League? Instead of just early game and then basically whoever gets first baron wins (if game last that long). Fuck man... just imagine. I would never quit playing that game. Fortunately for me the League I remember playing is dead. So I can now look forward to having more free time and saving money by not spending an absurd amount/year on this game. So thank you Riot! Thank you for messing your game up so bad the last 2ish seasons even one of your most dedicated players and supporters can't stand playing it anymore. :) I'MMMMM FREEEEEE! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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