GIve us URF and not ARURF, or at least draft urf customs

PLEASE hear me out of this, urf is my favorite thing about league and it enjoy it more than almost everything. URF is amazing, it's broken as hell and everyone knows it so it's fun. You play broken shit, its really fast paced, and u can do some crazy shit and (almost) break the game. Crazy team comps, champs that are fun, doing quick combos against people and testing my reaction time against millions of skill shots is something I love, but the RANDOM addition to URF, ruins it. When URF came out before when you get to choose your character its amazing, but when it becomes random, it just gets ruined. I only enjoy playing for a select few champs, so when i get pretty much anyone else, esp a boring tank with no real mechanics, I already struggle to get through the game, but it gets worse. Not only do you have to play champs you don't want to, but you have to face VERY annoying champs to face virtually every game. With ARURF no champs are banned, and you end up facing at least 1 cancer champ every game, eve or hecarim and so on. Its not fun. being able to play the champ I want and facing them is fine, because i can still play what i want to and have fun that way. With the new system, you get 10 bans, that's a lot you don't have to face most of the aggravating champs. I beg you to reconsider making it all random again. My most favorite game mode spamming a hundred games in a weekend turned into playing 3 games, getting my hopes up that I'll get one of them, only to be crushed by reality that their is 150 champs and I own them all plus having to face eve or hec. HOWEVER, of course I am willing (although obv its up to you i have no power i'm just a d2 monkey) to meet you in the middle. PLEASE let me play URF in customs. PLEASE give AR AND DRAFT for IURF in custom. MY FAVORITE PART OF THIS IS 1V1ING MY FRIENDS IN MIRROR MATCHES SO EVEN IF ITS ARURF AT LEAST I CAN HAVE FUN IN THE CUSTOMS. I BEG YOU RIOT. Help a poor Vayne main get through college. You took my main, don't take my favorite game mode too. :( This was meant to be a ticket to Riot, but when i checked a box it made me restart here
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